Apps for the Field

Mobile Applications take GIS to the Field

ArcGIS field apps help you use the power of location to improve coordination and achieve operational efficiencies in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace your reliance on paper. Ensure that everyone, in the field and the office, uses the same authoritative data so you can reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.

In traditional workflows, a tremendous amount of time, effort and expense is required to get system information out to the field. Today's Web GIS and mobile applications are eliminating many of these challenges and replace them with digital workflows that increase efficiency and data quality.

Instead of custom applications and expensive mobile units, Esri’s mobile applications enable you to configure commercial off-the-shelf applications and use smart devices. It takes some effort to implement these, but the benefits ripple throughout the organization and provide so much more than the ability to just view a map in the field.

How do we enable mobile apps? You need to have Web GIS.
Below are some topics that you should start thinking about.

ArcGIS Online

For each license of ArcGIS Desktop that is currently on maintenance, you are entitled to one named user. If you don’t have ArcGIS Desktop, contact us to purchase an ArcGIS Online subscription and get started.

ArcGIS Solutions

You will need to configure your ArcGIS Online organizational account to meet your business needs. Preconfigured solutions can help you get started with inspections, maintenance, data validation, and much more!

If you have any questions, GISsat's team is here to help.

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