Trimble Software Adds New Support and Streamlines Productivity

1st June, 18

Trimble has announced version 4.1 of Trimble Business Center (TBC) office software that enables surveyors and geospatial professionals to simplify the creation of cadastral, GIS, infrastructure inspection and tunneling deliverables. Version 4.1 provides seamless integration with Trimble Access™ 2018 field software to significantly improve field-to-office productivity using new cloud-based data synchronization and workflow task management capabilities.


Trimble Business Center version 4.1 adds new cadastral capabilities including proportioning, map checking and CAD drafting tools that streamline the creation of survey plans, plots and survey engineering digital deliverables.

If you work with Esri products such as ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, you now have the flexibility to integrate both GIS and survey data within the same project environment. GNSS field data from GIS receivers, including the Trimble Geo 7X, can now be post-processed within Trimble Business Center to achieve high-quality feature locations. You can link these locations to their Esri geodatabase, and import in Feature Codes and schema, so that your field data is properly formatted and labeled.

For infrastructure inspection, construction as-built verification and volumetric applications, new projected surface tools enable professionals to analyze and compare data captured in the field against design. Point clouds from Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) platforms can be used for slope monitoring as well as to perform accurate volumetric, deformation and cut/fill analysis for retaining wall, dams and mining applications.



Optimized Field and Office Integration

New cloud synchronization capabilities enable field and office teams to maximize productivity and optimize operational efficiency, saving time and cost. In combination with Trimble Access 2018, Trimble Business Center version 4.1 will enable field tasks to be defined in the office and combined with all of the necessary project files before uploading to field crews. Once fieldwork is completed, the task and data is synchronized back to the office with notification to crew managers and CAD drafters that data processing, adjustment and validation can commence, enabling quality deliverables to be generated faster.

“Trimble Business Center continues to be an integration hub for our customers’ data—simplifying the workflow to create client deliverables with confidence,” said Tim Lemmon, marketing director of Trimble Geospatial. “The new version further optimizes field-to-office workflows and introduces new capabilities that enable geospatial professionals to more effectively analyze and extract valuable information for a broad array of applications.”


Trimble Business Center version 4.1 is now available at GISsat. Contact us for more information. Users whose warranty is current can also install the update, to obtain access to the licensed features. Download the TBC version 4.1 here.

Press Information:
LeaAnn McNabb, Trimble
This is an edited extract of an article that first appeared on Trimble News Release.

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