Transforming Field Operations with ArcGIS

2nd November, 18

Moving to a digital system has several benefits: improved efficiency, increased data accuracy, and cost cutting. Mobile applications that enable field crews to access data, collect data, and edit data are at the core of each transformation. Mobile technology is the key to improving workflows, because it


But how are workflows transformed? The answer is, by focussing on one workflow and taking small steps to accomplish the transformation. The diagram below is a great reference on how to do this. It gives a quick view of what parts of the ArcGIS platform can be used in each step of a field workflow.


Specific products within the ArcGIS Platform can be implemented to support specific workflows. Below are two real-world examples.


Collector for ArcGIS supports receivers integrated into devices, as well as external receivers connected via Bluetooth. If you’re not familiar with using GPS devices, this may sound a little scary, but it’s not that difficult to do. In fact, this method may be much easier and faster to use than customising n ArcPad. It only takes a few clicks to download the appropriate application, connect to the GPS receiver, and configure a Location Profile. Once the connection is confirmed in Collector, you are ready to start collecting locations.

ArcGIS supports the work that you do by providing tools that enable you to quickly and easily collect and edit data, see this data on a map, and keep track of the work being completed. With ArcGIS, you can transform your utility, one workflow at a time!

Press Information:
Christa Campbell, Esri
This is an edited extract of an article that first appeared on ArcGIS Blog.

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